Alfa Romeo Wheel Spacers

What can the addition of wheel spacers do to your Alfa Romeo Automobile?

Though the release of notable ‘4C Spider’ Alfa Romero vehicle and other similar models have over the years made the brand very popular as producers of one of the most ‘fun to drive’ vehicles, you can, however, enhance the aesthetics and handling of your choice Alfa Romero vehicle by installing suitable Alfa Romeo wheel spacers.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are circular metal plate having a bolt hole circle and center bore and fitting between the faces of disc wheels to provide additional dual clearance.

Wheel spacer typically:

  • Improve the appearance of your choice Alfa Romero vehicle.
  • Enhance car handling, especially cornering.
  • Improve or correct an incorrect offset.

Alfa Romeo Wheel Spacers

Like every wheel spacer, Alfa Romeo wheel spacers help to widen your vehicle's track for an experience of enhanced performance and also correct issues of clearance with suspension pieces in your vehicle.

Not only do they enhance your vehicle's aesthetics, but these spacers will also improve its handling, especially its cornering skills. A wider view and a more aggressive stance are achieved also with the installation of Alfa Romeo wheel spacers. They also resolve issues of the wrong offset of new wheels. They importantly also provide the expedient clearance between the wheel and brake caliper.

It is important to get spacers of accurate size. You will be maintaining the accurate track width and also maximizing your improved aesthetics. Getting accurate spacer size will do you the good of your Alfa Romeo vehicle not going too aggressive which could result in some negative results and destroy your car’s paint and ultimately its appearance.

Knowing what size of Alfa Romeo Wheel Spacers, you need.

Measure the needed wheel spacer size by simply placing a ruler between the outer-most tire spot (external wheel wall) and the fender’s internal part.

It is important to order for a spacer quite lower than the size measured as this result is the highest possible spacer size you need.

Alfa Romeo wheel spacers are safe, except when installed wrong or when you consider price over quality to go for cheaper ones! You could also consider going for a hub-centric type of wheel spacers as it fits directly into your wheel and perfectly. Seek out a certified auto store for high-quality spacers to ensure a hitch-free usage.