Audi Wheel Spacers

Audi has over the years risen to become a household name, representing luxury and developing some of the most advanced cars and SUVs available globally. Audi offers a vast collection of models as such, there is an Audi for nearly every price point.

Irrespective of your Audi model, wheel spacers are one of the easiest and relatively inexpensive ways of adding performance and styling to your car. Audi wheel spacers can help push out wheels, offering a more aggressive look and giving your car that desired flush appearance. These wheel adaptors can also allow for more clearance and consequently better fitting for aftermarket wheels. A wheel spacer on your Audi car would also result in a widen vehicle track, thereby enhancing balance and an even distribution of vehicular load on the tyres. Though this might help improve the grip of your tyre during car travel, there will be an increase in the tyre wear-rate and a consequent reduction in the steering stability under braking.

The most asked question about Audi wheel spacers is arguably about their safety as nobody would like the idea of their tyres gaining independence while travelling at high speed. Though some persons are a bit sceptical about the usage of these wheel adaptors and others have argued in their favour, It is, however, reassuring to know that spacers are safe to use and mishaps can be avoided if best practices are taken into consideration.



 There are many manufacturers of the Audi Wheel spacers, hence, purchase must be made from trusted and proven Audi SCC wheel spacer vendors. Getting products from guaranteed dealers also helps in performance and safety assurance. 


Rapt attention must be paid to installation best practices and the following guides must be duly considered: 

  • Never use wheel spacers that do not fit perfectly on your Audi. As a rule of thumb “If it does not fit, don’t fix”.
  • Use only spacers with the correct length of bolts. This is to ensure that the spacers can consistently withstand the stress of wheels’ motion.

When you decide to invest in a high-quality Audi wheel spacers, It is pertinent you seek adequate expert advice on installation best practices from the product manufacturer or trusted vendors to ensure maximum satisfaction and a hitch-free experience.