Bentley Wheel Spacers

Bentley wheel spacers offer a cost-effective means of upgrading the performance of your choice Bentley vehicle. If you are a car enthusiast seeking awesome aftermarket wheels to customise your car, then getting a set of Bentley wheel spacers would be a worthwhile investment. Spacers are quite popular among auto users for reasons ranging from improvement in aesthetics to better stability and handling.

What are wheel spacers?

Spacers are special metallic discs designed to create desired space between the hub of the car and its wheel. Spacers are used to adjust the offset of the wheels to a desired level.

Stock wheels are mostly produced with a positive offset; the wheels are sucked in towards the body of the car. While this design offers some unique advantages, interference becomes a major problem if you want to use wider tyres with the stock wheels, hence the need for spacers.

Pros of Wheel Spacers

  1. Enhanced Stance: One of the advantages of having an increased stance for a solid luxury car like your Bentley is that it gives your Bentley more stability during high speeds and sharp cornering
  2. Enhanced Handling: A negative offset essentially means the wheels are pushed further out, this consequently leads to a wider stance and result in a more even distribution of weight across the wheels, resulting in better handling.

Cons of Wheel Spacers

While the use of spacers has a lot of advantages as seen above, installing a set of Bentley wheel spacers might result in the following:

Heavier steering: A wider stance means more steering effort is required when operating the vehicle. This is however dependent on the size of the Bentley wheel spacers installed. It might not be noticeable with very small wheel spacers.

More stress on Bearing suspensions: Shifting the wheels farther apart creates more stress on the bearings and suspension. This could consequently lead to a reduction in the bearing lifespan.

Safety and Technical Consideration

While wheel spacers have been certified safe to use by experts, it is however of great importance that high-quality spacers are used. TUV approved products are recommended by experts. Adequate care must be taken to avoid faulty installation. You can check with a certified auto store on the availability of SCC spacers and other TUV approved spacers.