BMW wheel spacers, like wheel spacers generally, correct clearance issues with suspension pieces or inner fender in your BMW automobiles. They help in widening your BMW's track for increased performance.

Thought spacers can be lug centric or hub-centric, All BMW SCC wheel spacers tend to be hub-centric, that is, the wheel is centralized and made to sit and fit in perfectly with the wheel spacer. Hub centric rim spacers are also easier to fit.

The unique appearance of a BMW automobile combined with a wheel spacer gives a wider view and a more aggressive stance. Spacers are a popular accessory and installing a BMW wheel spacer will give your car that awesome, aggressive wide-wheel stance you desire. Apart from enhancing your vehicle's external appearance, these spacers will increase the vehicle’s lateral stability to improve its handling and cornering skills. They also serve the purpose of practically correcting the offset of new wheels or providing the needed clearance between the wheel and the brake caliper.

Fitting perfectly between the hub and the wheel, BMW wheel spacers are hence, one of the easiest modifications to install and often require no post-installation wheel alignment.

The Need for Wheel Spacers

There are a couple of reasons why BMW wheel spacers are a popular accessory for automobile users.

  • Appearance – You may wish to push the wheels out for a more aggressive look and a good stance. This is entirely subjective to individual tastes. This is majorly for fun and not necessarily about the performance.
  • Clearance – Big brake kits are not compatible with a good number of wheels. The ‘spoke’ of the wheel will scrape the brake’s caliper and you will need a wheel spacer to push the wheel spoke away from the caliper.
  • Correction – Not all wheels bought come with the perfect or exact offset for your car. The offset may be too high, resulting in the wheels sitting far inwards. This is not a good practice as the tyre can now rub on the inside wheel well or on suspension components among others. A wheel spacer pushes the wheel out to correct the offset.

Handling – Spacing the wheels further apart makes the car more stable and corner better. While adding a wider wheel gives you a similar effect, using wheel spacers avoids the needless added weight as well as expense.