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You must choose a right set of car tyres to experience superior car performance. No matter what extra components you add to your car, what modifications you make; if the tyre isn't right, your car will never perform at its full potential on the road.

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Many people believe that tyres' mere function is to keep your car mobile. Well, that is not incorrect. But they do not understand how tyres can significantly impact your car's overall performance directly or indirectly.

Impact of Car Tyres on Vehicle Performance
The tyres are the only point of contact between your car and the road surface. Still, they are naively overlooked by many drivers as a vital safety component. Let's look at the parts that are affected by tyres, which in-turn also affect your car performance.

The tyre pressure affects your car's fuel efficiency and gas mileage.
Tyre components and tread pattern profoundly influence your car's steering control on various road surfaces.
Rolling Resistance of tyre impacts noise emission and fuel efficiency.
Tyres also influence the performance of your car's suspension, brakes, steering, and exhaust system.

Tyre Life
As mentioned earlier, tyres are the only components that are in continuous contact with the road surface. They are subjected to wear and tear as you use them, and as they are subjected to various weather conditions such as heat, ice, and water.

You expect to drive your car for 20,000 miles on one set of front tyres, and double that value for rear tyres. You may have been recommended to inspect the sidewalls of your tyres for any visible cracks once they age around 4-5 years. Although, we recommend getting your car tyre checked regularly every six months. Get them check for cracks, puncture damages or any abnormal tyre pressure.

The lifespan of a tyre depends on numerous factors.

Factors that Affect Life of a Tyre
The factors that affect the life of a tyre are as follows:
Quality of the tyre, i.e. quality of its component and the tread pattern.
Condition of the Road Surface and your tyre's compatibility with it.
Your driving style. You already know what rash driving does to your car!
Tyre Maintenance. If you are not taking steps to maintain it well, you'll have to say goodbye to your tyres sooner rather than later.

So, why not take steps to elongate your car tyre's life?

Increase Tyre Life
Here are few essential yet straightforward steps you can take to ensure tyre longevity:
Get the tyre pressure at optimum value and maintain it.
Maintain tyre tread. It is vital to help increase tyre life and pass the MOT test.
Maintain right wheel alignment and wheel balance.
Rotate between your front and rear tyres periodically for uniform wear-and-tear.
Do not drive rash. Drive smoothly; avoid driving too fast and heavy braking.

Tyres Compliant to UK Law
You must be familiar with the strict driving laws if you buy car tyres in the UK. The tyre tread depth must be no less than 1.6mm in a continuous band covering the three-fourths region from the centre of the tyre. If you are found driving with the tyre tread depth below the minimum value, you could face a fine of £2500 with three penalty points per tyre. Yes, you read that right! It is penalty per tyre.

The tyre tread depth must vary as per prevailing weather conditions. In winters, the recommended value of tread depth is minimum 4mm, and in summers, the recommended value is 3mm.

Tyre Brands
At Wheels UK, we stock different types of tyres, for different kinds of vehicles, in numerous sizes and designs. We are partnered with well-known brands such as:

Avon Tyres
BF Goodrich

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