Car wheel Spacers are highly sought after auto parts among car owners. Despite the widely debated safety considerations, wheel spacers have over the years gain more popularity. There are several reasons why you might consider getting a suitable car wheel spacer. Aside from being effective in improving the overall aesthetics of your vehicle, car wheel spacers offer a simple and relatively cheap way to enhance the stability of your chosen car.

The clearance induced by usage of suitable wheel spacers would also enable you to install larger brake kits and pads. This has the advantage of having a shorter stopping distance. The larger surface area obtainable in larger brakes, help facilitate heat dissipation and results in a longer life span for your brakes.

Wheel spacers could be hub-centric or lug-centric. Experts often advise on the installation of hub-centric wheel spacers where possible as these are easier to mount and less prone to vibration from other parts of the vehicle. Each of the aforementioned type of spacer is manufactured as either a slip-on spacer or a bolt-on spacer. Car wheel spacers with less than 15mm effective diameter are often manufactured as slip-on spacers. The bolt-on variant is for larger size wheel spacers.

Offsets and Backspacing

Most OEM wheels often come with a positive offset. This implies that the wheels are tucked in a bit. While a positive offer has some set of unique advantages, the negative offset is often much more preferred by vehicle users. A negative offset on your wheel would mean that the wheels tend to push out a bit, leading to a relatively wider stance and a more aggressive look.

The offset is the linear distance measured from the centreline on the wheel to its mounting surface. The backspacing is also a linear distance like the offset but essentially measures the distance between the mounting face of the wheel and the inner edges. The backspacing is inversely proportional to the amount of inside wheel clearance available.

Safety of wheel spacers

Car wheel spacers are safe to use. Ensure you get high quality products from a certified auto shop. Some countries might require that you use TUV approved brands. You can consult with your dealer on the availability of SCC wheels spacers and other TUV certified products.