The Citroën Automobile Brand is a prestigious vehicle brand that has been around for a long time - a little over a century. Citroen is known to have manufacturing operations in France, China, and Brazil. This long existential period has got the brand to have a lot of heritage value and over the years, the brand has owned creativity, technology, and boldness attributes as part of its values, making it one of the most valued car brands in the world.

Citroën vehicles are well known for having bold styles and outstanding modularity in appearance as part of their identity and the brand has over the years continually sought to improve the appearance and ergonomic overview of their vehicles. The Citroen Advanced Comfort® programme; a program focused on the use of intelligent design and technology to make the perfect driving experience for each passenger a reality is a remarkable one.


Just as shoes are a prominent part of nearly any outfit, the tyres of any vehicle carry a lot of aesthetic value in the outlook of the vehicle. Though the Citreon advanced comfort programme seeks to implement intuitive technology and classy designs, the use of a SCC Citroën Wheel Spacer is one of the easy hacks to further enhance the beauty of your Citroen vehicle. Aside from appearance, Spacers are also important if custom tyres are to be used on your vehicle and they also provide better handling capability.


. The following points are important during the installation of a Citroën wheel spacer;

  • Know the required Citroen wheel spacer extension length (ranges from 10mm -15mm) that works for your vehicle type.
  • Buy a hub-centred Citroen wheel spacer from trusted and proven manufacturers, this enables better fitness and stability and guaranteed product quality.
  • Make sure the bolts that come with the wheel spacers have longer thread length to accommodate the hole extension
  • When a tyre is to be jacked up, ensure the vehicle is rigidly suspended and stable.
  • Rub anti-seize solution on the surface of the wheel spacer before placing the wheel on the surface
  • After installation of the wheel spacer is completed, ensure you use protective sockets to cover the bolts.

Expert advice on installation should also be duly sought to avoid a faulty installation of your Citroen wheel spacers.