Ferrari is one of the best known and best-loved car brands in the world. It has a long and fascinating history and is today, the dream car for many people around the world. If you are a proud Ferrari owner, a Ferrari wheel spacer is a fairly easy way to tweak the appearance and stability of your car.

Wheel spacers create more space between the vehicle’s wheel and hub. They are useful when the offset of the vehicle’s wheel is not ideal for the output expected. This re-configuration repositions the wheels and the wheel assembly by taking them farther apart. The resultant negative offset gives your vehicle a wider stance and an even more aggressive look.

If you also decide to install some fancy aftermarket wheels on your Ferrari, then a Ferarri wheel spacer or adapters will also come handy.

Despite several myths surrounding the use of wheel spacers, it is important to note that these components are safe when properly installed. They help achieve better vehicle stability especially, during the car’s cornering and turning.

Wheel spacers are available for most models of the Ferrari such as the 458, f430, 360, 488. They can also be custom-built for any desired model.


A Ferrari wheel spacer will have the following advantages on your car :

  • Enhanced Performance: Wheel spacers can help increase the handling of Ferraris, thereby, improving the overall driving experience. After installation, they tend to push the wheel further away from the chassis thereby, leading to a wider track. Consequently, the amount of grip in corners is increased, thus, allowing faster cornering.
  • Interesting Appearance: Ferrari wheel spacers have not only improved driving performance, but they also give a better and more aggressive look. A Ferrari with installed spacers will have its wheel edge out of the body, giving it a better “stance”; how it sits on the road.
  • Custom Modification: Larger brakes will lead to shorting stopping distances and faster dissipation of heat.

Installation tips

Spacers are safe to use. However, it is of utmost importance that you seek out high-quality Ferrari wheel spacers from your trusted auto dealer. You might want to consider also getting TUV approved spacers. The safety of your wheel spacer is largely dependent on the quality of the installation. The importance of following expert installation guidelines cannot be over-emphasized.