Ford Car Wheel Spacers

A set of Ford wheel spacers are invaluable if you want to try out some custom aftermarket wheels that are larger than the standard wheels for your Model. While the safety of wheel spacers remain highly debatable among car enthusiasts, wheel spacers remain one of the most sought after auto part.

 The reason for their popularity is no far-fetched; installing a set of Ford wheel spacers on your favourite Ford model is a relatively cheap and economical way of enhancing the appearance and overall performance of your car.

What are wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are special metallic parts made usually made from billet aluminium or steel. They are mounted on the hub of the wheel and creates suitable clearance between the wheel and hub assembly. Wheel spacers provide a relatively effective means of adjusting the offset of the vehicle.

The offset is a measure of how far out or in your wheels will sit in your car’s wheel arches. Wheel spacers create a negative offset; the wheels are pushed out from the body of the car a bit.

Pros of using a set of suitable Ford Wheel spacers

Installing a set of Ford wheel spacers does have the following advantages:

Better appearance: Pushing out your wheels will result in a more aggressive and sturdy look. Spacers are relatively easy hacks to enhance the aesthetics of your Ford.

Wider stance: Since your wheels are farther apart, a wider stance would result leading to a more even distribution of weight across the wheels. This improves traction and consequently leads to better handling.

Ability to install larger brake Kits: A larger brake kit would otherwise interfere with other components of the wheel assembly. Fitting your vehicle with suitable Ford wheel spacers will provide the required clearance to safely install your wheels. this is likewise true if you need to install wider tyres.

Cons of using wheel spacers

Although spacers have been adjudged safe to use by experts, care must be taken to avoid a faulty installation. Spacers can also result in heavier steering if very large spacers are used. A negative offset will also lead to more stress on suspension and bearing.


The popularity of spacers would imply car owners and enthusiasts have found them relatively more advantageous. However, it is important that they are installed correctly. Consult with a certified auto shop on recommended Ford wheel spacer brands.