Hub Centric Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are round metal pieces that are mounted between a vehicles’ hub and wheel for diverse reasons. Spacers are often employed to improve stability, fix offsets, make room for bigger brake kits, and offer a ton of other advantages ranging from cosmetic to functionality. While some have argued about the safety of wheel spacers, wheel spacers are known to be perfectly safe If quality and proper installation practices are not compromised.


The hub-centric SCC wheel spacer and non-hub centric wheel spacers are the commonly existing types of spacers. With non-hub centric spacers, the weight of the car is on the studs rather than the locating rings. This consequently increases the tendency for the vibration of the assembly. The design of SCC Hub centric wheel spacers, however, ensures that the weight of the car is not on the bolts or studs rather, it is resting on the hub. This design invariably ensures a common centre between the wheel and the hub. This effectively reduces vibration on the wheel and eliminates stress on the bolts and studs. The wheel is truly central to the hub of the car. Hub centric wheel spacers could be of the following variants:

Hub-centric slip-on - Slip-on wheel spacers are often smaller and are designed to slide onto the studs. Adequate care must be taken in the installation of slip-on spacers as sometimes; you might not be left with enough room to safely fasten the lug nut. Extended studs can be employed to safely fasten the tyre in such a scenario.

Hub centric bolt-on Spacer - Bolt-on wheel spacers tend to be much larger. They are more like hub extensions and are fastened to the existing studs. The wheel bolts are in turn fastened onto the spacer. Care must be taken to check that both the wheels and lug nuts have the same configuration.


Hub centric wheel spacers due to their design fit onto your vehicle much more effectively than the non-hub centric variant and they also exert very little stress on the bolt and studs. These spacers can be gotten from renowned auto dealers.