Hyundai Car Wheel Spacers

Hyundai wheel spacers are handy if you desire a perfect offset for your choice Hyundai vehicle. A poor wheel offset can have a noticeable impact on the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. An Hyundai wheel spacer effectively corrects your wheel offset to the desired level.

What are wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are metallic devices designed to fit over the vehicle hub, effectively creating a required clearance between the wheel and the hub assembly. Aside from aesthetics installing an Hyundai wheel spacers will offer a couple of functionalities:

What you might gain you from installing Hyundai Wheel Spacers?


If you are looking at enhancing the appearance of your vehicle, a fairly easy and economical hack would be to install an Hyundai wheel spacer. Stock wheels often come with positive offset; consequently, the wheels are tucked-in a bit. However, spacers are quite effective at correcting such offsets. The wheels are pushed out, giving it the desired aggressive stance and overall improved aesthetics.

Installing custom Wheels and brake kits

The optimized clearance obtainable when you install an Hyundai wheel spacer in your car will enable you to install custom wheels and larger brake kits. Consequently, you can install wheels with more fitting on your Hyundai product. A larger brake disc also means your brake pad has more surface area to grip, resulting in shorter stopping distances and better heat dissipation. Installing an Hyundai wheel spacer would essentially give your vehicle more traction.

Better Handling and Performance:

 A wider stance resulting from the installation of a suitable wheel spacer would further even out the distribution of the vehicle’s weight. This improves the performance of the vehicle during cornering and navigation of bends.

Possible Side Effects from installing an Hyundai wheel spacer?

While wheel spacers are relatively safe to use and install, there is a possibility of developing heavier steering, as a wider track would consequently mean a lot more effort would be required to turn the wheels. This might not be noticeable in very small wheel spacers.

How to get high-quality Hyundai Wheel Spacers

The quality of your wheel spacer is very important. In buying your Hyundai wheel spacer, do not trade quality for cost. Ensure you buy tested and trusted brands. The SCC brand and a couple of other TUV approved brands are often recommended. You can get these products from certified auto shops.