Jaguar Wheel Spacers

The Jaguar sports car brand prides itself on its remarkable engineering excellence and utmost beauty. It has over the years become a state of the art luxurious vehicle. Regardless of these seemingly exceptional qualities and exalted reliability, the installation of suitable Jaguar wheel spacers will offer further enhancement in aesthetics and functionality. Wheel spacers offer an easy and economical way to give your Jaguar a wider stance and better stability.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are components that are used to create more space on the areas that lie between the car wheel and the wheel hub assembly. The stance of a vehicle can be broadened by placing a wheel spacer over the bracket holder of the vehicle. This gives additional clearance for the inner portion of the wheel for brake and suspension components.

Why you need wheel spacers

If you ever get caught in a situation where you have acquired some set of wheels, but they are unfortunately larger than the appropriate standard of your vehicle; the installation of suitable jaguar wheel spacers might be worth your consideration. This is likewise true if you need to install larger brake kits on your Jaguar.

Effects of Wheel Spacers on your Jaguar

As stated earlier, fitting your vehicle with suitable Jaguar wheel spacers would increase the offset between the wheel of the car and its hub assembly, the following points would summarize the advantages of using wheel spacers.

  • Wheel spacers push out the wheels of your vehicle hereby giving your Jaguar a much slicker appearance.
  • The farther away the wheels are from the tyre’s hub, the better the traction provided. This distance can be made available by wheel spacers hence better handling of your Jaguar is guaranteed.

Cons of wheel spacers

  • Safety – This is a major concern which would only arise if the installation of the Jaguar wheel spacers is not made properly.


Wheel spacers when properly installed, offer relatively higher advantages than reported disadvantages to your Jaguar. While there are several brands of wheel spacers available, the SCC brand and other TUV approved wheel spacers are recommended by experts. Hence, there is no gainsaying, be careful and be sure to buy your Jaguar wheel spacers only from certified auto dealers and seek out installation and usage practices to guarantee a hitch-free usage.