Jeep Wheel Spacers

Would you like your Jeep to have a more aggressive and sturdy appearance? Perhaps you would want to increase the traction of your wheels on the road or even safely mount your favourite set of wheels with a different offset on your choice Jeep? If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you should consider getting Jeep wheel spacers for your vehicle.

The Jeep brand is most popularly known for its unique appearance and rugged-style. This rare quality can be further improved on by the additional usage of wheel spacers with your vehicle.

Wheel spacers are metallic devices that are fitted over the bracket holder of a vehicle to create the desired offset between the hub assembly and the wheel of the vehicle.

Why you should get Wheel Spacers for your Jeep

  • A much more appealing appearance – When you fit your Wheels with suitable Jeep wheel spacers, you get a bolder look and improved stability without losing the impeccable performance associated with the jeep brand.
  • Better traction – the handling of your Jeep can be enhanced by the wheels being farther away from the tyre’s hub. The adhesive friction of your wheels on the road surface is improved and there is a more even distribution of weight across the four tyres.
  • Balance offset – The wheel offset is the distance of the wheel’s centre line to the mounting surface of the hub. Fitting your wheels with suitable Jeep Wheel spacers will help in balancing your wheels.


If you are convinced about getting wheel spacers for your Jeep, then it is paramount that you only purchase your Jeep wheel spacers from verified auto shops. This would help in ensuring you get the right equipment – both in quality and usability for the job.

Wheel spacers like every other auto parts come in different variety and not all types would work for your Jeep. Ensure you consult your auto dealer on suitable Jeep wheel spacers for your model.

Also, be sure to follow the right installation procedures or have an expert install the spacers for you. The importance of safely installing your Jeep SCC wheel spacers can not be overemphasized.