Lamborghini Wheel Spacers

Fitting your wheels with suitable Lamborghini wheels spacers will result in an improvement in both appearance and functionality. While the Lamborghini brand offers a vast collection of high performing luxury sports cars and SUVs. The appearance and overall functionality of your vehicle can be noticeably enhanced with the installation of Lamborghini wheel spacers. Wheel spacers work by adjusting the offset of your wheel, pushing them out a bit. This consequently gives your vehicle a wider stance and a more aggressive look.

A wider stance also leads to a more even distribution of the weight of the vehicle across its tyres. This leads to better stability during turning, cornering and navigation of bends; a well-desired feature for sport and racing cars.

If you also desire a shorter stopping distance, then you must have considered installing larger brake kits. However, the default clearance in your wheel might impede that decision as there could be possible interference between the new brake kit and stock wheel components. A suitable Lamborghini wheel spacer can help adjust the clearance of the wheel assembly and enable you to safely fit your choice brake kit.

What are wheel spacers?

 Wheel spacers are special components that create a bit more space most especially in that area which lies between the wheel of a car and the wheel assembly. Spacers are installed over the wheel’s holding bracket.

Are wheel spacers safe to use?

Wheel spacers are safe to use. The following must be duly considered when you decide to try out some Lamborghini wheel spacers:

  • High-quality products only must be used. Consult a certified auto dealer for the best available brands of Lamborghini wheel spacers. TUV approved spacers are often recommended by experts.
  • Torque requirements and other installation best practices must be duly followed when installing your wheel spacers. Wheel spacers related mishaps are often due to improper installation.

Are wheel spacers the same as wheel adapters?

No wheel adapters are a bit different from spacers. In a way, wheel adapters are special types of spacers. If you need to fit wheels with different bolt patterns on your Lamborghini, you would be needing a wheel adapter. A Lamborghini wheel spacer essentially fits the bolt configuration of your car.