Land Rover Wheel Spacers

Your choice Landrover vehicle no doubt offers a lot of amazing features and has a high-performance rating. If you are, however, an off-roader or wishes to try out the vast variant of tyres available, you might consider getting suitable Landrover wheel spacers.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are discs that are mounted over the wheels’ bracket to give an additional negative offset between the wheel and the wheel hub bearing.

Uses of Wheel Spacers

  • To use custom wheels – LandRover wheel spacers are a must if you desire to use aftermarket wheels in your vehicle. To safely use the wheels, the offset and backspacing of the wheel must be duly calculated. The offset represents the distance of the centreline of the wheel to the mounting surface of the wheel. Offsets could be positive, zero, and negative. Stock wheels, irrespective of the OEM manufacturers, are often produced with a positive offset. While this design offers some unique features, the wheels are however tucked in and not flushed with the fenders. A negative offset obtainable when you install suitable Landrover wheel spacers will push the wheels out of the fender a bit, giving it a widely desired aggressive look. This improves the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.
  • Better handling – A negative offset also improves the handling of your Landrover vehicle. This is most noticeable during cornering, turning, and bend navigation. The wider stance also improves the overall distribution of weight across the wheels. Fitting your wheels with even the smallest Landrover wheel spacers can result in an appreciable improvement in the handling and stability of your vehicle.

Side effects of Wheel Spacers

Asides from the hassle of installing wheel spacers, they could be said to be without any negative side effects – provided the installation is done properly.

Heavier steering might also be noticed if very large spacers are used. This is solely dependent on the diameter of the spacers and almost negligible with smaller spacers. 

Installation Tips for your Land Rover Wheel Spacers

Only purchase wheel spacers from trusted/certified vendors. TUV approved spacers are often recommended by experts. Ensure you make due inquiries on the availability of SCC wheel spacers and other TUC approved spacers from certified auto dealers.