Lotus Wheel Spacers

If you are experiencing some level of instability or often hear some rather uncomfortable noise when trying to make a turn or navigate a bend, you might be having the wrong offsets for your wheels. Your wheels might be interfering with some of the other wheel assembly components.  if that is the case, a set of Lotus wheel spacers might be an ideal solution to correct this anomaly.

What is a wheel offset?

The offset is the distance of the mounting surface of your wheel to the centerline of the wheel. It gives an overview of the extent and direction to which your wheel will be aligned when mounted. While stock wheels irrespective of the OEM manufacturer, often come with a positive offset; the wheels are sucked in towards the vehicle a bit, offsets can be negative, or even zero. A negative offset is one in which your wheels are pushed out a bit. This is often desired by car enthusiasts as it allows for the installation of wider wheels and larger brake kits. A set of Lotus wheel spacers will offer you a cheap and simple way to correct the offset of your Lotus Evora, Elis or choice Lotus product.

What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are specially machined metal parts designed to be mounted over the hub of the vehicle’s wheel, creating an effective offset between the hub assembly and the wheel. A set of Lotus wheel spacers will offer a relatively easy way to adjust the offset of your wheels to the desired level.

Your Lotus wheel spacers might be available as either hub-centric or lug-centric spacers.  The hub-centric variant is designed to centre around the hub of your wheel and consequently offer a better fitting. They are also less prone to vibrations from other components.

Benefits of using suitable Lotus wheel spacers

 Fitting your wheels with suitable Lotus wheel spacers will offer the following benefits;

  • An overall improvement in the aesthetics of your car:
  • Ability to safely install custom wheels and larger brake kits
  • Increased traction and improvement in vehicle handling

Are wheel spacers safe to use?

Spacers are safe to use if installed correctly.  Consult certified auto shops for your high-quality spacers. TUV approved spacers are required in some countries. You can make adequate inquiries on the availability of SCC spacers and other TUV products from your trusted auto dealer.