Maserati Wheel Spacers

A set of Maserati wheel spacers are a worthwhile investment if you desire to enhance the performance and appearance of your Maserati vehicle. Spacers offer a relatively cheap and simple way to add more gait to your choice Maserati product. Your GranTurismo, Quattroporte and other exotic models of the Maserati brands can all have an even sleeker appearance and improved handling by leveraging on suitable Maserati wheel spacers.

OEM wheels are often produced with a positive offset. While this offers some unique advantages, a slightly negative offset is often desired by vehicle owners for various reasons and a set of Maserati wheel spacers can help you achieved the desired level of offset.

Wheel Offset Overview

The offset of a wheel is the distance from the centerline of the wheel to its mounting surface it gives an overview of how far away and in what direction the mounting surface of the hub

extends in relation to the wheel’s centerline. Offsets can be positive, zero, or even Negative,

the wrong offset can lead to a myriad of problems; instability, Interference with brake parts,

additional stress on the entire suspension.

Benefits from using suitable Maserati Wheel spacers

  • To compensate for a wider wheel
  • To create a wider posture: By setting the wheels outward, the posture of the car becomes wider and steadiness is increased.
  • A more aggressive and sturdy appearance

Difference between spacers and adapters

 Spacers and adapters are not the same. While they both perform a similar function; they are used to create negative offsets, wheel adapters are special forms of spacers used when you want to install wheels with different bolt configuration than the standard Maserati bolt pattern. You won’t be needing a Maserati wheel spacers if you want to install some aftermarket wheels of some other automobile. You would be needing an adapter.