Mclaren Wheel Spacers

Sports cars are the McLaren Automotive Company’s main product. It is one of the world’s leading sports car manufacturers. If you own a McLaren, you might desire to give your sports car that widened stance and aggressive look. Likewise, you might also want to gain more control in handling and cornering. In any of these scenarios, a McLaren Wheel spacer is what you need.

What McLaren Wheel Spacers Do?

Wheel spacers are round disc-shaped accessories that are installed between the hub assemblage and wheels. The purpose of McLaren wheel spacers’ installation is to widen your sports car's track by widening the offset of the wheels. This has impressive handling benefits even without changing the tire’s size.

McLaren wheel spacers make the difference between an excellently customized ride and an awkward-looking machine.

Fitting them over a wheel’s holding bracket allows for additional clearance between the wheel and other parts behind the wheel which includes the brake discs and suspension bars.

They can also increase your wheel’s offset, allowing your vehicle to be adequately matched with a wider variety of wheels.

Without their use, custom wheels in your vehicle may be seated too close to the inner components in the wheel arch, consequently debarring an awesome driving experience.

Are Car Wheel Spacers safe for my sports car at the track?

Absolutely yes! They are very safe, provided they are installed correctly. You should, however, get your McLaren wheel spacers from a certified store.

How to Fit Wheel Spacers Correctly

It is always advisable to fit your McLaren vehicle with a set of hub-centric McLaren wheel spacers than those of the conventional counter-part. They are dedicated to suit your car specifically and perfectly.

Steps to install your Mclaren SCC Wheel Spacer

  • Firstly, disassemble by removing the wheel.
  • After removing the wheel, remove particles that could hinder a successful installation process or be a potential hazard causing agents by cleaning the hub assembly and brake discs using the wire brush.
  • Line the holes of the spacers with the bolt holes to mount the spacer onto the wheel hub.
  • After this step, return the wheel into position and fit it firmly using longer bolts.
  • Tighten the bolts and studs with a wheel brace. Ensure to give your vehicle the correct torque requirement before hitting the road with your vehicle’s new stance.