Mercedes Wheel Spacers

Luxury, performance, style, safety among others are features peculiar to Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Despite these qualities, Mercedes wheel spacers are popular wheel accessories among those seeking to install custom aftermarket wheels or further enhance the aesthetics and performance of their vehicle.


Fitting your wheels with a set of suitable Mercedes wheel spacers will create a negative offset in your wheel. Spacers are specially machined parts designed to be fit onto the mounting face of the wheel’s hub, creating the desired level of offset or clearance between the wheel and hub assembly.

Spacers exist in their hub-centric and lug-centric types. The hub-centric spacers are often recommended by experts as they fit perfectly over the hub. They are also less sensitive to surrounding vibration. They, however, may be more expensive. Each of these variants could also be purchased as a slip-on, slip-on with extended, or the bolt-on variant.

About Mercedes Wheel Spacers

There are a couple of reasons why you might consider getting a set of suitable Mercedes wheel spacers.

Pushing the wheels out will result in a wider stance. This consequently leads to better traction and handling due to a more even distribution of vehicular load. A set of Mercedes wheel spacers would also allow you to easily widen the wheelbase of your Mercedes automobile for roll reduction while simultaneously enhancing its look. Wheel spacers push your rims and tyres out, flush with your wheel well for a more aggressive look. This enhances the overall aesthetics of the vehicle.

The ability to install larger brake kits and wheels is also a very desired feature. Larger brake pads and discs do amount to an increased surface area for the pad to grip resulting in shorter stopping distance and longer brake life.

Mercedes wheel spacers are often hub-centric, that is, the spacers centre bore matches your factory hub and the factory-like hub on these spacers match the centre bore in your wheel for a vibration-free fit.

Mercedes Wheel Spacers Installation Tips

Spacers related mishaps are largely attributed to faulty installations. Hub centric spacers are also easier to install and adjudged to be relatively safer. Never compromise quality and installation ethics. Ensure you get your spacers from certified online stores. TUV approved spacers are often recommended.