MG Wheel Spacers

Although there are various ways to increase the performance of your MG vehicle, the use of wheel spacers is a relatively easy and popular way. Installing suitable MG wheel spacers on your wheel will lead to an improvement in performance, stability, and aesthetics

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are devices that are mounted on a vehicle wheel hub to create a desired offsets. Wheel spacers are either hub-centric or lug-centric. Hub-centric spacers are easier to install and often recommended by experts. The following are some reasons why you might want to try out some MG wheel spacers

  • Better performance – Fitting your wheels with a set of MG wheel spacers will push your wheels further from the wheel hub assembly which enables your vehicle to gain more traction. More traction means enhanced handling. A much enjoyable ride is promised with the use of wheel spacers.
  • Installation of custom wheels – You get a wide range of wheels to install from with the use of suitable MG wheel spacers.
  • More defined appearance – The wider stance resulting from fitting your wheels with a set of MG wheel spacers would make your MG vehicle stand out amongst other vehicles.
  • Installation of larger brake Kits – larger brakes on your MG ride would mean relatively reduced stopping distance. Wheel spacers would give the opportunity of installing larger brake kits.

Wheel Adapters

While wheel spacers are similar to wheel adapters in functionality, adapters are mainly used to install wheels that have different bolt patterns than the standard bolt configuration.

Cons of using wheel spacers

Wheel spacers are relatively easy to use and have little or no disadvantages. Regardless, it is prudent to install them correctly as terrible consequences could be otherwise encountered. Heavier steering and increased stress on suspensions and bearings might be noticed with the installation of a set of MG wheel spacers.


Wheel spacers are safe to use provided high-quality products are purchased. Never trade quality for costs. Consult a certified auto dealer on the availability of the SCC and other TUV approved wheel spacers.

To ensure you have an effective and enjoyable ride, make sure you get an expert guide on installation best practices for your MG wheel spacers.