Mini Wheel spacers

Although there are very many aftermarket wheels and tyre available today to customize your choice Mini vehicle.  You might need to get suitable wheel spacers to safely install these tyres. This is quite unavoidable in cases where the new tyres are wider than the standard tyre sizes for your Mini. Aside from these aforementioned advantages, installing a mini wheel spacer can offer some unique advantages.

Fitting your vehicle with suitable Mini wheel spacers can enhance the appearance of your choice Mini vehicle.  Wheel spacers when install pushes the wheel of the vehicle farther out. This results in a relatively more aggressive look.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are specially machined parts that installed over the vehicle’s holding bracket, creating a target amount of clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly.

Why You Should Install Mini Wheel Spacers

Asides giving your Mini increased stability, wheel spacers offer your vehicle the following advantages:

  • Flusher appearance – Wheel spacers take the unique appearance of your Mini to a whole new level. It gives it an improved look of elegance.
  • Installing larger brake kits - With wheel spacers, you get the option of installing larger brake kits onto your vehicle. Thus reducing the time limit it would take for your Mini to come to a halt once the brake pad is pressed.
  • Customized wheels – The range of wheels you get to fit onto your vehicle is increased with the use of wheel spacers.
  • Better Handling –Better traction is gained when wheel spacers are used with your Mini thus better handling is guaranteed.

Cons of Wheel Spacers

  • Heavier steering: when very large spacers are used, heavier steering might result; It will take relatively more effort to handle the steering. This is however dependent on the size of the spacer.
  • Increased stress: Moving the wheels farther apart will result in increased stress on the suspension of the vehicle

Should I get a Mini Wheel spacers or Adapters?

A mini wheel spacer is required if you seek to install wheels with the same bolt configuration as the stock wheel. Although they perform similar functions, wheel adapters are better used if you have some custom wheels which have different bolt patterns than your Mini.