Mitsubishi Wheel Spacers

While Mitsubishi automobiles offer superb engineering and versatility, you might need to enhance your vehicle's look, stance, and offsets for diverse reasons. Mitsubishi Wheel Spacers are top-notch answers to this quest.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Spacers are metal discs installed between the wheels and wheel assembly, helping to push your wheels out further. They help to give your car a more aggressive look and ensure your wheels are closer to the outer fender. A Mitsubishi Wheel Spacer helps ensure that wheels that wouldn't normally fit clear of your brakes and other wheel assembly components, fit perfectly. It is also important to note that all spacers push the wheels further out. A suitable Mitsubishi wheel spacer will improve your vehicle’s overall aesthetics and functionality,

Why you need a Mitsubishi Wheel Spacer

  • They improve vehicle handling and stability especially during turning and navigation of corners and bends.
  • They help improve and correct offset in vehicles. Sometimes, newly gotten rims don't fit exactly due to their incorrect size. Installing a Mitsubishi wheel spacer in your Spacers help to correct this error.
  • Wheel spacers in your car help to improve the look.

A simple way to know what size of Mitsubishi wheel spacer to order

The widest point of your wheel and tyre is usually the external sidewall except for cases where the tyres are stretched over the rim. This procedure gives maximum spacer size so it is advisable to choose a spacer that is a little lower to compensate for suspension.

Simply measure the spacer size by placing a ruler between the outer-most tyre spot and the internal part of the fender.

How do I improve the Safety of my Mitsubishi Spacers?

  1. Pay particular attention to the installation torque requirement.
  2. Use hub centric spacers as they are easy to install and relatively vibration-free.
  3. Inspect your vehicle and wheel spacers regularly especially after hard use.

Ensure to use quality products including bolts or studs. Your Mitsubishi wheel spacers should be gotten from certified auto dealers. TUV approved spacers are recommended by auto experts. You can confirm from your trusted auto dealers on the availability of SCC wheel spacers and other TUV approved products.