Nissan Wheel Spacers

Nissan wheel spacers are very popular among those seeking to install aftermarket wheels on their Nissan product. Despite safety concerns, spacers are well sought after auto parts. They provide a cheap and easy way to overhaul the appearance of your choice Nissan vehicle. 

Aside from giving your Nissan that desired aggressive look, installing a set of Nissan wheel spacers will enable you to use larger wheels and bigger brake kits. A bigger brake pad and disc would effectively reduce the stopping distance due to the availability of a relatively larger surface area for your pad to grip. There is also an increased in the dissipation of heat leading to an increased life span

Spacers, when fitted on a set of wheels induce a negative offset. This implies that your wheels are pushed out a bit. The resultant wider stance causes a more even distribution of the vehicle’s weight. This results in improved stability and better handling especially during turning and navigation of bends.

Wheel offsets and backspacing

The wheel offset is very important as it gives an overview of the extent to which your wheels are aligned to the body of the vehicle. The offset is essentially a linear distance measured from the centreline of the wheel to its wheel mounting surface. The offset can be positive, negative, or even zero.

Your Nissan wheel spacers are designed to be mounted between the hub mounting surface and the wheel. Spacers create a negative offset; your wheels are pushed out a bit from the body of the vehicle. A Small offset can lead to a noticeable difference in the performance of your vehicle.

Backspacing gives an overview of how deep the wheel mounting pad is embedded in the wheel. It is a measurement of the distance of the wheel mounting face to the inner edge. The backspace is proportional to the offset; a positive offset would lead to more backspaces and vice versa. A measurement of the desired backspace and offset will enable you to purchase the right set of wheels. A correct backspace enables the brakes and other wheel components to operate without interference from the wheel.

Spacers have been adjudged safe to use by experts and vehicle enthusiasts. However, your Nissan wheel spacers should be gotten from a certified auto store. It is also of great importance that the spacers are properly installed to ensure a problem-free usage.