Peugeot Wheel Spacers

A Peugeot wheel spacer offers a relatively cheap and easy way to improve the appearance of your car. Spacers increase the offset existing between your vehicle’s wheel and its hub. The possibility to increase your wheel and hub offset has a couple of advantages. Spacers will enable you to install custom wheels which would otherwise fit very close to other wheel components. The increased clearance makes it relatively easy and safe to use larger tyres on your vehicle.

 If the ability to mount custom tyres is not convincing enough as to why you should consider getting a Peugeot wheel spacer, then it would interest you to know that an increased wheel offset leads to a wider stance. The wheels of your Peugeot vehicle are a bit more apart than they had been. This will consequently lead to a more even distribution of the vehicle’s weight among its wheels resulting in better handling during turning and navigation of bends or corners. The use of hub spacers will thus improve the traction of your vehicle.

Spacers also push the tyres outward resulting in your Peugeot car having a more aggressive and flush appearance. When the right wheel spacers are installed, the tyres of your car will sit flush with the wheel arches. This adjustment will result in your vehicle having a flush appearance and a more interesting look.

Cons of Using a wheel spacer

While getting a Peugeot SCC wheel spacer for your Peugeot vehicle might offer the aforementioned advantages, there are however a couple of things to side effects to using wheel spacers.

  • Heavier steering- While using a Peugeot wheel spacer will improve the handling of your vehicle, heavier steering might be a resultant side effect especially if very large spacer diameter is

Wheel Adapters

Wheel adapters, on the other hand, are discs that can be mounted on a vehicle’s wheel hub assembly to change the existing bolt pattern; for instance, the right wheel adapter can change a vehicle’s bolt pattern from a 4-bolt pattern to a 6-bolt pattern. The obvious benefit of using wheel adapters is that they allow people to mount custom wheels to their vehicle, regardless of the bolt pattern. Using wheel adapters also increasing the offset of a vehicle’s wheels, which in turn can increase the handling of the vehicle, much like wheel spacers. Furthermore, since people are not restricted to using one particular bolt pattern for their vehicle they can often select tires and wheels that are larger, smaller, or plainly match the vehicle’s appearance better.