Porsche Wheel Spacers

OEM wheels are often designed to have a positive offset; the wheels are pushed a bit out of the fender. Although a positive offset has some unique advantages, it is will lead to interference if you need to install some custom aftermarket tyres on your Porsche. An incorrect offset could lead to your tyres rubbing against the fenders or the inner suspension components. To help solve this problem, a set of Porsche wheel spacers would be needed to adjust the wheels to the desired level of offset needed for safe installation and usage of the custom tyres.

Spacers are special mechanical parts fitted onto the hub mounting surface to create the desired level of offset between the wheel and the hub assembly. A set of Porsche wheel spacers would help to reduce the existing positive offset by lowering the distance from the hub to your wheel. The offset is a measure of how far out or in your wheels will sit in your car’s wheel arches. Wheel spacers create a negative offset; the wheels are pushed out from the body of the car a bit.

You have the choice of getting either a set of hub centric Porsche wheel spacers or their lug centric counterpart. Hub centric spacers are often recommended by experts as they are designed to ensure that the weight of the vehicle rests on the hub of the wheel. Each of the aforementioned types is also available as a slip-on spacer, a bolt-on spacer, or a slip-on spacer with extended studs. It is pertinent you seek expert advice on the most suitable spacer configuration for your vehicle.

Spacers are slightly different from adapters. You would essentially be needing a wheel adapter instead of a set of Porsche wheel spacers if your target wheel has a different bolt configuration than the standard configuration for your Porsche model.

Installation and Safety overview

Although the safety of wheel spacers is a widely debated topic, wheel spacers are have been adjudged safe to use by experts. However, installation best practices must be followed to avoid mishaps during usage. You can consult with your choice auto shop for the availability of high-quality Porsche wheel spacers for your vehicle.