Renault Wheel Spacers

If you are looking for ideas on how to give your Renault Megane, Renault Clio, Renault Captur, or choice Renault car that exclusive look? Then getting Renault wheel spacers might be what you need. Fixing suitable car wheel spacers on your wheels is one of the readily available hacks to enhance the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. A set of Renault spacers will push out the wheels of your car, giving it the desired flush appearance. A Flush look means the exterior of your car tyre is aligned with the fender of your car. One major advantage of this look is that it also adds an aggressive, sturdy feel to your car. Tyre spacers also improve the stability and performance of your vehicle at relatively little cost.

What are wheel spacers?

A wheel spacer is a metallic component used to create the desired level of clearance between the hub of your Renault and its wheel. Spacers essentially create a negative offset. They are readily available in the various auto shop however it is advisable that you purchase from a trusted Renault wheel spacers producer brand.

Reasons to use Renault wheel spacers

  • Ability to use larger custom wheels- Fitting your vehicle with suitable Renault wheel spacers will enable you to safely install and use larger custom wheels.
  • Usage of Bigger Brakes - Using a bigger brake means there is more surface area for your brakes to engage, this directly influences the effective stopping distance of the brakes.
  • Better Handling- The wider stance resulting from the installation of suitable Renault wheel spacers will lead to a more even distribution of the weight of the vehicle and consequently better handling especially during turning and navigation of corners and bends.

Cons of wheel spacers.

The usage of wheel spacers will lead to heavier steering. This is, however, dependent on the size of the wheel spacers. There is also increased stress on the suspension system of the vehicle.

Are Renault wheel spacers Safe?

Wheel spacers are safe to use provided high-quality products are used. Spacer related mishaps are often from improper installation, it is thus germane that you seek expert advice on torque requirements and best installation practices. TUV certified spacers are also recommended by experts. You can contact a certified auto shop on the availability of SCC wheel spacers and other TUV approved spacers.