Rover Wheel Spacers

The Rover brand has over the years gained much popularity for its rugged features and excellent performance. However, when you decide to optimise the performance of your Rover, a wheel spacer might be worth your consideration.

What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are devices that are attached to the holding bracket of wheels to give additional space between the wheel hub bearing and the wheels. 

Fitting your vehicle with a Rover wheel spacer is one sure way of enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle. From giving your vehicle a more defining appearance to getting better handling of the drive, wheel spacers offer several advantages. 

What you will gain from fitting your Rover with suitable wheel spacers.

  1. There will be a noticeable improvement in the handling of your vehicle due to increased traction between the car tyres and the surface of the road. Due to the additional offset provided by the wheel spacers to your Rover, your vehicle's weight is much evenly distributed among the four tyres resulting in an increase in the force of adhesion between the wheels of your Rover and the surface of the road - hence increased traction. 
  1. Wheel spacers would also give your Rover a look of confidence - mixing style with improved stability. 
  2. Wheel spacers would help maintain a proper offset for your wheels.

Disadvantages of using a wheel spacer

Fitting your Rover with suitable Rover wheel spacers would create an offset that might result in heavier steering especially when very large wheel spacers are used. There is also more stress on the suspension of your vehicle.

Safety concerns

Wheel spacers are safe to use provided, best installation practices are duly followed. Spacers related mishaps are often due to faulty installations of the part.


 It's best advised to purchase your Rover wheel spacers from certified auto shops. TUV approved Rover wheel spacers are often recommended as they have been tested over time and certified safe to use. Expert opinion should also be sought if you are in doubt of which type of wheel spacers would work best for your brand of Rover.