Seat wheel spacers

Seat wheel spacers are a worthwhile investment if you seeking to fine-tune your choice Seat vehicle. Spacers offer a relatively easy and cheap way to enhance the performance and appearance of your Seat vehicle.

Wheel Spacers Overview

Wheel spacers are metallic devices that fit between a vehicle’s hub and the wheel. They effectively create a negative offset in your car. This results in the widening of the track of the vehicle by pushing the wheel farther away from the hub. Aside from the resulting increased traction and consequently better handling. A slightly negative offset tends to give your vehicle a relatively more aggressive appearance.

The offset of your wheel is a measure of how far out or in your wheels will sit in your car’s wheel arches. It is simply the distance between the centreline of the wheel and the wheel mounting surface. The offset of a wheel can be positive, zero, or even negative. A positive offset essentially sucked-in the wheel towards the body of the car. Stock wheels often come with a slightly positive offset and this can result in interference when wider aftermarket tyres are installed.

The resulting offset from fitting your wheels with a set of Seat wheel spacers will enable you to safely use larger wheels without interfering with suspension components.

Also if you desire shorter stopping distances for your Ibiza or other choice Seat models, you might want to try out some larger brake kits. In this scenario, a set of Seat wheel spacers are invaluable in creating the desired level of clearance to safely install the brake kit.

Wheel spacers are often either hub-centric or lug centric and each of these categories could be of the following variants

  • Slip-on spacers: These are designed to simply slides onto the hub.
  • Bolt-on spacers: Bolt-on spacers are designed to bolt to the vehicle’s wheel studs.

You could also get a slip-on seat wheel spacers with extended studs.

Spacers are safe to use and are relatively easy to install. However, it is advised that installation best practices are followed to avoid a faulty installation. TUV spacers are often recommended by experts. You can consult with your certified auto dealer on available Seat Wheel spacers.