Skoda Wheel Spacers

A Skoda wheel spacer is one of the easy and fairly economical hacks to enhance the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Spacers are popular among those seeking to install aftermarket wheels. Unlike stock wheels, these wheels come in different sizes and configurations, prohibiting them from being safely installed on the mounting hub. Wheel spacers could be hub-centric or lug-centric. Experts often advise on the installation of hub-centric wheel spacers where possible as these are easier to mount and less prone to vibration from other parts of the vehicle.

Why do I need Skoda Wheel Spacers?

You may wish to widen the track of your car and push the wheels further out, improving not only the visual appearance of the car but also giving a great feel during handling such as cornering.

The following are additional values Skoda Wheel Spacers give your automobile:

  1. Better car handling. -Wheel spacers give your vehicle better handling characteristics, especially around corners and bends.
  2. It allows you to install wheels with incorrect offset- This is the most likely reason one could need a Skoda wheel spacer. You can use wheel spacers to make some wheels of incorrect offset perfectly fit.
  3. Better appearance - Wheel spacers help provide your Skoda automobile with a unique appearance They will push out the tyres a little and make them aligned with the fender correctly or slightly push them a little past the fender for a more aggressive look and wider stance.

How to Install Skoda Wheel Spacers

Skoda wheel spacers are very easy and simple to install. However, adequate attention must be paid to torque requirements.

  • Jack up the target wheels safely and carefully remove the nuts
  • Having a clean surface between the hub and your Skoda wheel spacer is of great importance. Ensure it is free from dirt.
  • Install the wheel spacer and fasten the nut in the recommended sequence to about 1/3 of the recommended torque.
  • You can then reinstall the wheel, drop the vehicle, and finally tighten to the full torque specifications.

Are Wheel Spacers safe for my sports car at the track?

This is a frequently asked question and the answer is Yes. Spacers are very safe, provided they are well installed. It is also very important that your Skoda wheel spacers are gotten from certified auto dealers.