Ssangyong Wheel Spacers

If you desire a more aggressive appearance for your Ssangyong vehicle, you might want to consider some Ssangyong wheel spacers. Wheel spacers for the Ssangyong Korando, Musso, and other models of the Ssangyong brand are widely sought after by those seeking to enhance the overall aesthetics of their vehicles.

Aside from the aforementioned cosmetic reason, fitting your Ssangyong with a set of suitable Ssangyong wheel spacers can result in a noticeable improvement in functionality and performance.

 Spacers and adapters create a negative offset on your wheels, pushing the wheels farther out resulting in a wider stance and a more aggressive look. Since your wheels are farther apart, there is a more uniform distribution of the weight of the vehicle. This consequently improves the traction and result in better handling and stability.

Wheel spacers are often either hub-centric or lug centric and these might be produced as either a slip-on or bolt-on variants. Slip-on spacers are used for light spacers and might require longer wheel bolts for the lug nuts to properly fit.

Overview Of Offset And Backspacing

The offset is the distance measured from the centreline of the wheel to the mounting surface of the wheel. The offset represents the extent to which your wheels are aligned to the body of the vehicle. While stock wheels often come with a positive offset; your wheels are tucked-in towards the body of the vehicle, offsets can be, negative, or even zero. Fitting your vehicle with a set of Ssangyong wheel spacers will help adjust the offset in the negative direction, pushing your wheels farther out. A little adjustment in the offset of your Ssangyong wheels results in a noticeable improvement in performance.

Backspacing gives an overview of how deep the wheel mounting pad is embedded in the wheel. It is a measurement of the distance of the wheel mounting face to the inner edge. The backspace is proportional to the offset; a positive offset would lead to more backspaces and vice versa. A measurement of the desired backspace and offset will enable you to