Subaru Wheel Spacers

Over the years, the Subaru brand has developed a rich model line of cars, wagons, and SUVs. Aside from offering an all-wheel-drive standard on most of its models, Subaru vehicles have been adjudged to closely compete with Honda, Hyundai, Jeep and Mazda and other popular brands.

SCC Wheel Spacers are choice vehicle accessories for those seeking to enhance the performance of their Subaru. They give your vehicle the right stance and clearance amidst a couple of other advantages.

Subaru Wheel Spacers

Subaru wheel spacers are devices designed to fit into the wheel holding bracket, inducing a required offset between the wheel of the car and the wheel assembly.

Installing a Subaru wheel spacer would give the following benefits:

  • Better exterior appearance
  • Ability to install custom wheels and larger brake kits.
  • Improved stability and vehicle handling.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) on Subaru Wheel Spacers

What do I gain from installing a Subaru wheel spacer?

Installing a Subaru wheel spacers would improve your vehicle handling and overall stability especially during cornering and bend navigation. They also help to improve and correct incorrect offset in vehicles. New rims and custom wheels do not often fit perfectly. Rim spacers are one of the cheapest and a relatively easy way to correct the offset.

Are wheel spacers dangerous?

Wheel spacers are safe to use, however, like every other part of the vehicle, problems might arise from improper installation and use of poor quality products. Certified auto stores often offer a variety of TUV approved wheel spacers.

How will a Subaru wheel spacer affect vibration in my vehicle?

Wheel spacers don’t do not cause vibration. They, however, can increase the sensitivity of the system towards vibrations consequently, vibrations from other parts of the car be amplified by the installation of wheel spacers. This might also not be noticed if a hub-centric Subaru wheel spacer is used.

Are wheel spacers the same as wheel adaptors?

While both spacers and adapters can be used to correct wheel offsets, Adapters, however, are used to install custom wheels with a different configuration or bolt pattern. A Subaru wheel adapter will enable you to install wheels that have a better appearance irrespective of bolt configuration.