Suzuki Wheel Spacers

Suzuki wheel spacers are popular auto accessories among auto dealers and owners of Suzuki vehicles. They are well sought out by those seeking to add enhancement to their choice Suzuki vehicle at relatively low cost. While Suzuki automobiles are characterized by affordability, maintainability, and reliability, you might want to install a custom set of wheels or even push your wheels out a bit to obtain a wider stance and that desired flush look. Perhaps you desire to add little more traction to your car or even install bigger brake kits. If you wish to achieve any of the aforementioned optimizations at an economical cost, then you should consider getting a Suzuki wheel spacer.

What are wheel spacers?

Wheel spacers are metallic discs used to added clearance or offset to a vehicle. They come in different dimensions and might either be hub-centric or lug-centric. Each of these has a slip-on or bolt-on variant. More often than not, large spacers are produced as bolt-on spacers.

During installation, your Suzuki wheel spacers are fitted over the vehicle's holding bracket to make for additional clearance between the hub assembly and the wheel itself.

Tips for proper installation of your SCC Suzuki Wheel Spacers

  1. Pick the correct wheel spacers that match your bolt pattern. Also, a hub-centric Suzuki wheel spacer is advised as its raised centre engages the centre of the wheel bore. This makes it easier to install and less prone to vibration from other parts.
  2. The hub, as well as the wheel, should be cleaned to remove accumulations of debris from the assembly before installing the spacers. Proper installation of your Suzuki wheel spacer is germane if you want to enjoy a hitch-free usage.
  3. Fasten the wheel bolts rightly for safety and performance.
  4. You could also add an anti-friction fluid such as grease to prevent rust and ease future disassemble.

Selecting the right length of wheel bolts is of utmost importance. The selected wheel bolts must engage the minimum number of threads, that is, they must go all through the threaded holes in the wheel hubs for safety reasons. Though installing a Suzuki wheel spacer might result in heavier steering especially if very large spacers are used, these rim spacers are quite safe to use provided high-quality products from certified auto shops are used.