Tesla Wheel Spacers

If you desire a wider stance and better handling for your Tesla car, you might want to consider getting Tesla wheel spacers for your wheels. While it is not possible to increase the width of the factory wheel of your Model 3 or choice Tesla vehicle, the offset of the wheels can, on the other hand, be modified. 

What is the wheel offset?

The wheel offset is simply a linear distance measured from the wheel’s centre line to the mounting surface of the hub. Offsets can be positive, negative or even zero as such, the wheel offset is more of an indication of how much distance in mm or inches will stick out or suck in from the surface of the hub.  A Tesla car wheel spacers will enable you to safely push the tyres outward. Stock wheels are usually designed to have a positive offset; they will often suck into the vehicle’s body.

A Tesla wheel spacer will enable the wheels to stick out a bit thus giving the vehicle a wider stance and a flush appearance. The choice of spacer to use for your wheel is dependent on how much offset you want to achieve, the model of your Tesla, and a couple of other factors. It is important that due consultation is made with experts to ensure a hitch-free installation and usage and achieve an enhanced appearance and performance.

An increase in the offset or clearance of your Tesla will also result in an increase in the track width and consequently an improvement in functionality and stability of the vehicle.

Safety of Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are pretty safe to use if the quality is not compromised in a bid to save costs. It is thus important that your Tesla SCC wheel spacer is gotten from tested stores. You might want to consider getting TUV approved products.

When installing spacers, it is often recommended that longer bolts and studs are installed. This will ensure that there is enough room for the lug nuts to be properly mounted. The torque requirement should also be considered.  Your Tesla wheel spacer will also perform better if expert installation guidelines are followed.