Toyota Wheel Spacers

A fairly easy hack to improve the performance and appearance of your Toyota vehicle would be to install some suitable Toyota wheel spacers. Wheel spacers when properly installed are relatively safe and offer a lot of benefits.


A wheel spacer is a special metal plate with stud-sized holes that are mounted to the wheel’s mounting surface. Spacers vary in sizes and they are installed between your vehicle’s hub and wheel. Installing suitable Toyota wheel spacers on your vehicle will create a negative offset on the wheels. A negative offset means that the wheels are pushed out a bit.


Better Appearance: A negative offset improves the aesthetics of your vehicle giving it an aggressive look.

Increased Performance: Since the wheel spacer creates a greater distance between the hub of the chassis and the hub of the wheel assembly, you can fit your Toyota vehicle with bigger wheels.

Better Traction: Since the wheel is further away from the hub, the wheels are now more stable. An offset wheel and a more stable wheel automatically translate to the better traction of the wheels which helps the Toyota vehicle.

Offset and Backspacing Overview: The offset is a linear distance measured from the centerline of the vehicle to the mounting surface of the wheel. Wheel offset can be positive, negative, or even zero. A positive offset means the wheels are tucked- in towards the body of the car and vice versa. It is of great importance that a proper offset is used. This ensures that there is enough clearance and consequently no interference of your wheels with brakes, suspension, fenders, and other parts of the vehicle. When the new wheels to be fitted are wider than the previous wheels, backspacing has to be taken into account to avoid interference.

Backspacing is the distance between the wheel’s mounting surface and the innermost point the wheel is to extend.


Installing a set of Toyota wheel spacers on your vehicle would enhance the appearance and performance of your vehicle. However, Care must be taken to ensure that they are properly installed to avoid mishaps.