TUV Approved Spacers

Are wheel spacers safe?

Wheel spacers offer a very simple way to modify your car. While they are very popular among car owners seeking to install custom aftermarket wheels and parts, the safety of spacers has been a source of concern to car enthusiasts.

Viral news and online trending videos depicting spacers related mishaps are all over the internet. The issue of the safety of wheel spacers has over the year continued to remain widely debated. Car wheel spacers are adjudged by experts to be safe. However, car owners are advised to use only high-quality products from certified auto shops.

Is it safe to use a Non-TUV approved Spacer?

 Although it is not a necessity in some countries, TUV approved spacers are often recommended by experts. A TUV approved spacer is one that has been tested and certified to meet international regulations and standards.

Purchasing only TUV approved spacer means you have the best assurance on quality. However, this is arguably one side of the coin as correct installation procedures must be duly followed. It is quite possible for a TUV approved spacer to fail if there is a faulty installation.

What are wheel Spacers

Wheel spaces are special automobile parts designed to create the desired level of offset between the wheel and wheel assembly components of your car. Fitting your wheels with a wheel spacer often results in a negative offset; your wheels are pushed out a bit, resulting in a more aggressive and sturdy appearance.

Why do I need a wheel a spacer?

Spacers offer a simple and relatively cheap way to optimize the performance of your car. Stock wheels often come with a negative offset. While this is desirable in some regards, a slightly negative offset gives your vehicle a wider stance and an improved appearance. A wider stance would mean better cornering characteristics. The resultant negative offset from the installation of suitable wheels spacers does lead to better handling characteristics and improved traction.

It is, however, worthy of note that usage of very large wheel spacers could lead to heavier steering.


Wheel spacers are quite safe to use. Fitting your wheels with suitable wheel spacers would enhance the appearance and functionality of your car, It is of great importance that TUV approved spacers are used to ensure a problem-free usage. You can check for the availability of SCC wheel spacers and other TUV approved spacers from your trusted auto shop.