TUV Approved Wheel Spacers

Whether they are TUV approved wheel spacers or not, the sale and usage of wheel spacers over the years has become quite popular among car owners and auto dealers respectively. Spacers offer a myriad of advantages ranging from improved styling to better handling and functionality. Despite their well-known usage, people are often sceptical about the safety of these wheel adapters. The viral sledge-hammer video online deeply showed the frustration that could result when spacers fuse to the vehicle’s assembly. A more shocking video of a car tyre coming loose during motion and knocking out an unsuspecting pedestrian further added to the scepticism surrounding the usage of spacers.


While the aforementioned mishaps are in no doubt worrisome, it has been argued that a deep dive into these cases of spacer related accidents would reveal something shocking. These mishaps are not cases of wheel spacer failures but the improper usage of wheel spacers. Spacers are safe and even TUV approved, provided high-quality brands are purchased.

In the UK, spacers are legal to use. It is however pertinent that they are used the right way and best installation practice must be duly sought to ensure havoc free usage. While TUV certification is often not a requirement in most countries, there are a few countries that require the usage of only TUV approved wheel spacers. To ensure you are not breaking any laws, consult relevant authorities and expert auto dealers on what is obtainable in your country.

The installation of spacers must be handled in accordance with stipulated guidelines. Loose lugs can cause devastating accidents. The torque requirement must be duly considered and followed. Though the usage of TUV approved car wheel spacers does give an assurance on the quality of the spacer, its safety can be deeply undermined by a faulty installation.

Experts often recommend the purchase of hub centric wheel spacer; these can be more easily installed compared to their non-hub centric counterpart. In order not to compromise the overall assembly integrity, large wheels might require that considerable modification is made to the suspension geometry of your vehicle.

When purchasing spacers, the SCC spacers are common TUV approved products but you might need to check with tested and trusted auto dealers for these brands and other available TUV approved wheel spacers.