Vauxhall Wheel Spacers

As a user of the Vauxhall brand of car, you might decide to take the appearance and control of your Vauxhall vehicle to a whole new level. Installing a set of Vauxhall wheel spacers or wheel adapters on your vehicle will be a rather simple and economical hack to achieve this feat.

Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are metallic parts designed to give a negative offset to the wheels of a vehicle. They can be fitted quite easily with some mechanical know-how. Their presence on your Vauxhall will give your car a myriad of exceptional qualities ranging from improved looks to better car handling.

Why You Should Consider Wheel Spacers

They may not seem like much but their presence on your car could be the difference between a perfectly-customized ride and just another plain old Vauxhall. Some of the advantages of fitting your wheels with a set of Vauxhall wheel spacers are:

  • Improved looks – A more elegant and sturdy appearance can be achieved with the use of wheel spacers on your Vauxhall vehicle.
  • Usage of custom wheels – A set of Vauxhall wheel spacers are all you need to install larger wheels or brake kit on your vehicle.
  • Increased offset – Wheel spacers push tyres further out from the wheel hub assemble of your car. This increases the offset of your vehicle.
  • Improved mechanical performance - Better traction is achieved when tyres are farther out.

Wheel Spacers or Wheel Adapters

The wheel spacers and the wheel adapters virtually perform the same functions. The only difference is the wheel adapters change the default bolt pattern of your vehicle enabling you to use any custom wheels of your choice. if you have some wheels which have different bolt pattern than the standard bolt layout of your Vauxhall, you would need to use suitable Vauxhall wheel adapters.

Safety Measures Involving Wheel Spacers?

While the spacers and adapters can be used to solve several problems with your vehicle, they can also be the source of problems if they are not fitted rightly. Thus it is paramount that you be careful when purchasing wheel spacers or wheel adapters for your vehicle. Also, if you have any doubt concerning the installation process, do seek professional help. You can consult your trusted auto shop for TUV certified Vauxhall wheel spacers.