Volkswagen wheel spacers

Fitting your wheels with a Volkswagen wheel spacer is no doubt one of the relatively cheap, effective customizations that you might consider if you desire to enhance your car. The usage of spacers offers numerous advantages at little or no trade-off. Installing a Volkswagen wheel spacer will enable you to safely install larger wheels in your car. The offset created by the rim spacers also results in your tyres being pushed out a little consequently improving its appearance. A wider stance resulting from the installation of suitable Volkswagen wheel spacers also improves the overall stability of the vehicle when turning or navigating a bend. There is a more even load distribution across the four tyres of the vehicle.

Spacers are safe and legal to use and if you reside in a country requiring the use of TUV certified spacers, the SCC wheel spacers, and other popular TUV approved products can be gotten from your certified auto dealer.

Installing a Volkswagen wheel spacer should not result in any problem provided, expert installation guides are duly followed. Spacers could also result in heavier steering, this is dependent on the size of the spacer. It might only be noticeable with larger spacers. Also, the lifespan of the wheel bearing might be reduced.

Installation tips for Volkswagen wheel spacers

The common sizes of Volkswagen wheel spacers available are 5mm to 20mm thick hub centric wheel spacers with a bolt pattern of 5×112 or 5×100 bolt pattern, which is the case for most latest models of Volkswagen.

  1. Safely jack up the appropriate end of your Volkswagen car and remove the desired wheels
  2. Ensure the mounting surface of the hub is free from dirt.
  3. Mount your Volkswagen wheel spacer over the studs. The larger chamfer of the centre should be facing the hub, and the spacer should be evenly aligned.
  4. Replace the wheel and tighten the nuts in the recommended sequence to about 1/3 of the specified torque.
  5. The lug nut should be tightened to the required torque once the vehicle is lowered.

Installation and usage best practices should adequately be followed to ensure a problem-free usage of your Volkswagen wheel spacers.