Volvo Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers offer a relatively cheap way to improve the performance of your vehicle. If you desire to install aftermarket wheels and rims or improve the stability of your Volvo, you might want to consider getting some Volvo wheel spacers. While OEM wheels often come with a positive offset, a slightly negative offset will increase the stance of your vehicle and consequently the handling of your vehicle. Volvo wheel spacers are available in sizes of 5mm to 20 mm.

Why you need Volvo wheel spacers for your vehicle.

A wheel spacer is a machined metal disc that fits in between your hub and wheel to widen the stance of your vehicle by pushing the wheels out towards the outer fender. Fitting your Volvo with suitable Volvo wheel spacers would result in having wheels with a negative offset. The Offset refers to how your vehicle’s wheels are mounted in relation to the wheel wells, the offset is essentially a linear distance measured from the centerline of the wheel to the mounting surface.

  • If you experience a rather unpleasant noise while making a U-turn or cornering, then your wheels might be having an incorrect offset. Installing Volvo wheel spacers will help increase the offset of your tyre, thus, eliminating the tyre rub experience.
  • Aesthetic and handling improvements are also experienced with the installation of wheel spacers. Volvo wheel spacers give your automobile a wider stance and an aggressive look. It also gives you an outstanding handling benefit while cornering among others.
  • Spacers will enable your system to work with a wide range of rims and tyres.

A Simple Installation Guide

  • Loosen up the lug nuts on the wheel of choice before jacking the car off the ground.
  • Place the jack under the car and lift the wheel slightly off the ground, then remove the nuts completely.
  • Take the wheel off, install you Volvo wheel spacers onto the wheel studs.
  • After perfectly fitting the wheel spacers, (which is a reason the hub-centric type is most advisable to use) re-install the wheels and firmly tighten the nuts to the required torque

Safety concerns

Spacers are relatively safe to use provided high-quality products are used. You can consult your certified auto shop for suitable Volvo wheel spacers. TUV approved products are recommended by experts. It is also pertinent that proper installation procedures are followed to avoid a faulty installation.