Wheel Refurbishment

It is no secret that Wheels UK specialises in wheels. The fact is reflected prominently by the name of the garage-facility centre. Our team of experts and technicians possess the capability of providing you with substantial advice regarding which wheels would be best for your vehicle and also providing the best wheel-related services. The greatest resources for our team are the knowledge and experience that it has gained through years of hard work. We can be considered a reliable vehicle service centre owing to our efficient and effective service or product delivery. Our main focus is on quality and customer satisfaction.

Most of the customers, we have noticed, prefer alloy wheels. We understand that alloy wheels are expensive and are an investment from which customers expect a lot. The main expectation is that they will look good. Even though alloy wheels have multiple functional advantages, it is a fact that they are bought mostly because of their visual appeal. The problem arises- it is quite difficult to maintain this visual appeal; the reason is that alloy wheels do not possess much strength. Therefore, they are susceptible to damages like cracks, bulges, etc. It is to rectify these damages without replacing the wheels, that the alloy wheel refurbishment process is done. Below is an elaboration of how the process goes about.


The preparation for alloy wheel refurbishment UK starts with taking the wheels off the tyres. The next step is stripping the wheels of the existing finish. It will allow for the adhesion of the new finish. Also, the stripping allows the technician to assess the damage that needs repair. A chemical approved for stripping alloy wheels is used for this process. Therefore, you do not need to worry.

Once the stripping is complete, the next step is blasting. It is done to remove anything that might have remained. It also removes any corrosion that might be present on the wheel. The damages on the wheels such as scuffs and gouges are inspected and noted for repair. While a light scuff can be taken care of by simply rubbing it down, a deep gash would be required to be filled and sanded.


Once the entire surface of the wheel has been smoothed, then the next step is to apply a base coat on it. It is usually a silver metallic paint. It requires an optimum level of skill to do this. The technician painting the wheel will work around clockwise. You will note that it starts at 6 o’clock and the painting starts from the centre of the wheel to the rim. This is done until the technician reaches where the painting started from.

It is imperative for this process to be done quickly. It is because the paint should be wet when the painter reaches back to the starting point. It will allow the colours to blend properly. The team at Wheels UK is reliable enough to be trusted upon. Their skill is not a product of just training; it has been refined through years of experience. Wheel Refurbishment Coventry is done best at our garage.