4 Wheel Alignment

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4 wheel alignment


Struggling with steering issues lately, or do you sense vibration or a pull to one side of the vehicle? These signs are a clear indication that it’s time for Alignment of your wheels. At Wheels UK, as is the case with each of our services, wheel alignment is performed with utmost precision, employing the best-in-class technology, at the hands of our technically sound, experienced, and personable staff.
This is reflected in our pricing, we're not the cheapest but as the sayings go " you get what you pay for" & " buy cheap buy twice"
It's £20 plus vat per adjustment (minimum 2) & should the vehicle per badly seized resulting in the need to use a gas torch an additional charge may be advised during the work.
You should allow a period of around 90 minutes for us to complete the process.
Should we check the vehicle and no adjustments are required we will charge £25 to cover our time.

Understanding wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is the general description given to service required to check and correct the many mechanical devices which go together to form the vehicle Steering and Suspension System. It can be bifurcated further into three types – toe alignment, camber, or caster alignment. No matter the type of issue diagnosed, it is at your will to pick one among the two options, wheel alignment (popularly referred to as wheel alignment) and four wheel alignment Coventry.

At Wheels UK, we recommend four-wheel alignment for the indisputable reason that in case of wheel alignment, the rear wheels may still not be aligned. These conditions will result in the persistence of risky issues such as uneven tyre wear, vehicle veering to one side (left or right), handling issues, and more.

Wheel Alignment @ Wheels UK

We employ high precision automated measuring system for thrust alignment. Our trained inspectors, equipped with the latest-technology-driven reliable tools and enviable expertise under the belt look into all aspects. They are hailed as having the eagle’s eye to spot even the minuscule issues. Needless to say, they correct the same for you to deliver the only perfection since anything less will not suffice.

Benefits we promise

Wheels UK wheel alignment indeed has its perks! Here are the benefits that you’ll certainly cherish post services:

  • Proper inflation results in minimised resistance. Congratulation! You have won better fuel mileage.
  • Wheels aligned at the hands of our experts implies most handling issues resolved!
  • Insight into potential hazards not only saves you costly fixes but also serves as a life-saving measure.
  • Delayed tyre wears and minimised uneven wearing as a result of our four-wheel alignment will increase the life of your car tyres, without a doubt.