Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers are popular among car users and auto dealers for a myriad of reasons. Aside from enhancing the overall appearance of your vehicle, fitting your wheels with a suitable wheel spacer is one easy and relatively economical way to upgrade the performance of your vehicle.

Wheel spacers are special discs that are mounted on the wheel hub of your chosen car. This creates a desired level of offset between the wheel and the hub assembly. Wheel spacers are essentially used to adjust the offset of your wheels.

The offset refers to the distance measured from the wheel’s centerline to its mounting surface. Offsets could be positive, negative, or even zero. A zero offset would mean the centerline of the wheel aligns with the mounting surface. Stock wheels irrespective of their OEM manufacturers often come with a positive offset. While this offers some unique advantages, a slightly negative offset is often desired by car owners. Wheel spacers, sometimes referred to as rim spacers induce a negative offset in your vehicle.

What are the advantages of wheel spacers?

There are several advantages you can derive from fitting your wheel with suitable wheel spacers:

  • Improved appearance: Wheel spacers will give your vehicle that aggressive and sturdy look.
  • Improved Handling: An improvement in the handling and stability of your vehicle could be noticed even with the installation of the very smaller diameter spacer.
  • Ability to fit larger brake Kits and Custom Wheels: Wheel spacers can help you install larger wheels and larger brake kits safely resulting in shorter stopping distances and better dissipation of heat due to the larger surface area.

What are the types of Wheel spacers available?

Wheel spacers are often manufactured as either Hub-centric spacers or Non-Hub centric spacers. Though the Non-hub centric spacers offer a unique set of advantages, Hub centric spacers are often recommended by experts as they are much easier to install and relatively less prone to vibrations from other parts of the vehicle.

Are Wheel spacers safe?

The safety of wheel spacers is often a very arguable topic of discussion. However, the expert opinion is that spacers are safe to use and are even TUV approved. There shouldn’t however be a compromise of quality in a bid to save costs. Never use a low-quality spacer. It is paramount that your wheel spacers are gotten from renowned auto dealers.