Wheel Spacers

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The wheel spacers are an additional or customisable component of the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. They are fitted over a vehicle’s holding bracket to create an extra clearance between the wheel and the wheel hub. In simpler words, they increase the distance between the wheel and the wheel hub. The question is, why would anyone need wheel spacers?

There are four main reasons behind why people require them- to improve handling, to clear big brake packages, to improve the styling, or to help fit a set of alloy wheels to your car or van that otherwise wouldn’t fit. The following section discusses each of the reasons, individually.


In the context of handling, spacers serve a purpose in motorsport, circuit driving, and among performance car enthusiasts. Wheels spacers are seen as a cost-effective way of widening the vehicle’s track. However, why would one want to widen the vehicle’s track? It is because doing so increases stability and the ability to fit wider wheels and tyres. Again, in turn, this increases the grip and traction.

Brake kits

Many drivers wish to fit big break kits to their vehicle so that the stopping power is improved. The problem that they encounter is that high-performance brake callipers are quite large. Therefore, there is a possibility that the wheels might rub against the brakes. Hence, the spacers are used to further push the wheels out of the vehicle to prevent this from happening.


One of the most important factors regarding a vehicle is how it looks. Spacers are quite popular among drivers because they are perceived as components that improve the styling of the car. One prominent perception is that spacers look good because they allow the wheels to sit flush with the arches, giving the car an aggressive and purposeful stance.

Alloy wheels

There are instances when drivers select alloy wheels that have an offset which doesn’t match that of the car. In this scenario, the spacers might be able to push the wheels out and ‘correct’ the offset. This can help the alloy wheels to fit properly without rubbing against the braking or suspension components.

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