Mazda Wheel Spacers

Wheel spacers have over the years risen to become a choice accessory for vehicle enthusiasts. They offer an easy and economical way to tweak the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Fitting your wheels with a set of Mazda wheel spacers will enhance both the stability and aesthetics of your Mazda. Amidst safety concerns, car wheel spacers and adapters continue to remain well-sought products among auto users and dealers. If you desire to fit your Mazda with some custom fancy aftermarket wheels or wish to install some larger brake kits on your vehicle, a set of Mazda wheel spacers will certainly be a good investment.

Wheel spacers overview

Wheel spacers are special components designed to be mounted on the hub of the wheel. They are used to create the desired level of offset between the wheel and the wheel assembly. Spacers only create negative offset; a situation in which your Mazda tyres are pushed out a bit from the fender. This is quite desirable as an increased width across the tyre leads to a wider stance and consequently a more aggressive look. Aside from these cosmetic reasons, a set of Mazda wheel spacers will enhance the functionality and stability of your Mazda.

Spacers popularly known as tyre spacers or wheel spacers can either be hub-centric or lug-centric in design. The former is often recommended by experts as they are easier to fit and less sensitive to vibration from other components. Each of the aforementioned types of spacers is produced as either a slip-on or bolt-on variant. The slip-on model is used for a diameter of less than 15mm. The bolt-on variant is for larger diameter spacers.

Benefits of using suitable Mazda wheel spacers

The induced negative offset created from using a suitable set of Mazda wheel spacers or adapter push your wheels out a bit, resulting in a more aggressive appearance. The resultant wider stance will lead to a more even distribution of weight across the wheels leading to better traction and handling properties when navigating corners and bends.

Fitting your wheels with a set of Mazda wheel spacers will also enable you to safely install larger brakes kits and wheels on your Mazda

Safety Concerns

Spacers are safe to use if installed correctly. Consult certified auto shops for your high-quality SCC spacers and other TUV products from your trusted auto dealer.