Rolls Royce wheel spacers

Despite being a luxury car with an exceptional grand look, the overall aesthetics and performance of your Rolls-Royce can be enhanced with the suitable Rolls Royce wheel spacers. Rolls Royce Wheel spacers are popular among those who desire a more sturdy appearance and handling for their vehicles. Spacers provide a relatively economical means of improving the beauty and stability or your vehicle.

Overview of wheel spacers and wheel adapters

Wheel spacers are components designed to create the desired level of offsets between the wheel and the wheel hub assembly. They typically increase the offset of vehicles. Though they perform similar functions, spacers and adapters are not the same. While a Roll Royce wheel spacer will move your wheels away from the body of the vehicle, a Rolls Royce wheels adapters are only needed if you want to mount wheels with a different bolt configuration on your vehicle. This is useful in cases where the desired custom wheels have different bolt patterns from the standard bolt pattern of your Rolls Royce model. Like car wheel spacers, wheel adapters can also be used on your Rolls Royce to increase the offset of its wheels.

The following are some of the advantages using a Rolls Royce Wheel spacer/Adapter:

  • Custom wheels – Fitting your wheels with a suitable Rolls Royce wheel spacers will ensure your choice wheels, whether big or small, do not sit too close to the existing parts of your vehicle.
  • Appearance – Wheel spacers give your vehicle a unique appearance. The negative offset created by installing suitable spacers on your vehicle will result in a desirable more aggressive look.
  • Increased performance – The performance of your Rolls Royce would be improved as wheel spacers would give your vehicle a better traction/handling.
  • Increase offset – The wider stance resulting from an increased track would give your vehicle much better handling.
  • Bigger brake kit – A Rolls Royce wheel spacer is invaluable if you ever decide to install a larger brake kit on your vehicle.

Installation tips and safety concern

Wheel spacers are safe to use and even TUV recommended. However, you must never opt-in for cheaper Rolls Royce wheels spacers in a bid to save costs. SCC wheel spacers and adapters, as well as other TUV, approved spacers are recommended by experts. Installation best practices must be duly followed to avoid a faulty installation.