VW wheel spacers

If you have been faced with poor handling on your Volkswagen or desire a shorter stopping time, as well as enhanced appearance, you might want to try out some suitable VW wheel spacers. Spacers offer a relatively simple means of enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your car.

Why you need Wheel Spacers or Wheel Adapters

Wheel adapters are slightly different from the spacer. Although both components perform similar jobs; they are fitted over the hub of the vehicle to give extra space between the wheels and hub assembly. You would need adapters rather than VW wheel spacers if the bolt pattern on the custom wheel is different from the default that comes with your vehicle. Other advantages relating to the use of wheel spacers include, but not limited to the following:

  • Enhanced performance – Improved traction, and consequently better handling is guaranteed with the incorporation of wheel spacers to your Volkswagen. Fitting your wheels with suitable VW wheel spacers will help improve the stability of your vehicle.
  • Improved appearance – A distinguished appearance can be given to your Volkswagen by mounting suitable VW wheel spacers onto the holding bracket of your wheels. The resultant negative offset will lead to a more aggressive appearance
  • Usage of custom wheels – The installation of bigger tyres can be aided with the application of wheel adapters onto your vehicle. Adapters can also help in the set-up of custom wheels whose configuration might differ from that of your default wheels’.
  • Use of large brake kits and wheels – Installing a set of suitable VW wheel spacers makes it possible for larger wheels and brake pads to be used with your Volkswagen ride.

Cons and Safety concerns

There are little or no disadvantages to using wheel spacers. However, heavier steering might be noticed if very large spacers are used. Also moving the wheels farther out will result in a little more stress on your suspension and bearings.

 Spacers are safe to use but a faulty installation could lead to catastrophic failure. It is advisable to make use of long bolts and studs to ensure the lug nuts would be fitted rightly. TUV approved spacers are also recommended by experts.

To reduce the risk of wrong purchase or installation of wheel spacers, endeavour to consult a certified auto dealer for all inquiries.