Lexus Wheel Spacers


Though the Lexus brand offers premium vehicles with a dynamic sleek look, reliable engines, and rugged build, a time will come when you might consider using wheel spacers. This decision could be due to the need to improve the aesthetics of your vehicle, improve the stance, or even try out bigger brake kits, custom rims, and tyres.

To give your Lexus that desired flush and aggressive look, a wheel spacer can be integrated between the hub and the wheel. This will consequently create a wider stance and effectively enhance the appearance of your Lexus Vehicle. A Lexus wheel spacer might also come handy if you desire to install bigger rims and tyres. These wheel adapters can help modify the configuration of your Lexus to match the requirements of custom wheels and tyres. Also, a Lexus wheel spacer can be recommended if you intend to install bigger brakes in your car. Spacers offer an easy and economical way to add more style and dynamism to your Lexus cars and they are pretty safe to use if high-quality products are purchased and expert installation guides are followed.

What then are Wheel Spacers?

 Wheel Spacers are devices that fit over a vehicle to create a proper clearance between the wheel and the hub assembly. A properly fitted Lexus wheel spacer will eliminate rubbing between your new rims and the control arms or suspensions. Spacers will also improve your wheels’ offsets and allow for the installation of wheels with a different bolt pattern. Wheel spacers are often categorized into hub centric spacers and non-hub centric spacers.

Installation Tips for Your Lexus Wheel Spacers

  • To ensure that your wheel spacers fit well to your Lexus Car, the studs should be of a good length and not hinder the ability of the lug to easily engage on the stud by a minimum of the stud diameter.
  • When using SCC wheel spacers on your Lexus car, adequate care must be taken to avoid misalignment, and consequently vibrations. The wheel torque is of great importance and should be routinely checked.

Never go cheap on the quality of your spacers in a bid to save costs. Purchase your Lexus wheel spacers only from trusted dealers.