Smart Wheel Spacers

As unique as the Smart brand of vehicles look, you might decide to further tweak the appearance and functionality of your choice smart vehicle. Perhaps you wish to try out a couple of after-market wheels or you desire to have a larger brake kit, then a Smart wheel spacer will be a worthwhile investment.

What are Wheel Spacers?

Wheel spacers are components that are fitted over the holding brackets of vehicles. The effect of wheel spacers on your Smart motor includes providing your car with an extra clearance between the wheels of your vehicle and its wheel hub assembly. This helps with the balancing of the offset of your vehicle.

So, what is Offset?

The offset of a wheel describes how the wheels of the tires are mounted in the wheel wells. It defines how far away and in what direction the mounting surface of the hub is in relation to the wheel’s centerline.

  • Zero wheel offset – a car wheel is said to have zero offsets when the mounting surface of the hub is perfectly aligned with the wheel’s centerline.
  • Positive wheel offset – the wheel of a car is said to have a positive offset if the hub mounting surface is more outward i.e. toward the street.
  • Negative wheel offset – a car wheel is said to have a negative offset when its hub mounting surface is more inward i.e. behind the centerline of the wheel.

A wrong offset can cause several problems ranging from Interference with brake parts, additional stress on the entire suspension, and risk of tyre failure to the instability of your ride.

Not yet convinced about Wheel Spacers?

Besides giving the wheel of your Smart the offset of your choice, wheel spacers also deliver some other advantages which include:

  • Customized appearance – wheel spacers would give your Smart vehicle a wider stance and flusher appearance
  • Larger brake kit – wheel spacers offer an avenue (space, technically) to install a larger brake kit on your Smart ride. This enables your vehicle to stop within an even shorter time limit than usual.
  • Custom wheels – with wheel spacers or wheel adapters, you get the opportunity to install custom wheels on your ride.

Spacers are safe to use if well installed. Endeavour to contact a certified auto dealer for best brands available