Kia Wheel Spacer

Whether you desire to improve the stance of your Kia Sorento, seek to install custom tyres on a Kia Picanto or have problems with your wheel offsets, one recommendation that will be offered is that of getting a Kia wheel spacer. While wheel offset is of no importance to Kia owners having stock wheels, it’s importance cannot be over-emphasized, if you are out to get new wheels. It is a common practice for car owners in search of new wheels to overlook offsets and focus majorly on the looks or configuration of the stud.

Measuring the wheel offset of your choice Kia model shouldn't be a herculean task. The wheel offset is simply the distance from the centre line of your tyre to the mounting face of the hub. Wheel offsets might be positive, zero, or negative, with their characteristic effects on the vehicle.


Negative Wheel offset

Do you have your wheels sticking out past your fenders? Then, you probably have a negative offset. It means your hub mounting surface is pushed closer to the inside wheel flange as measured from the centre line of the wheel.

Positive Wheel Offset

If in relation to your centerline, your hub mounting surface is located towards the face of the wheel, then you have a positive wheel offset.

Consequently, a too low offset will cause your wheels to rub your fenders and too high an offset will result in the wheels rubbing the inner suspension components. Hence, If you are considering changing your wheel width, you should also consider the offset for a proper fit.


Wheel spacers are special wheel adaptors created to give extra clearance between the wheel and hub. Spacers are installed over a vehicle's holding bracket. They come in different offset sizes and are handy if you want to reduce the positive offset on your Kia.

Although there are some reported cons associated with the usage of these wheel spacers, they are pretty safe to use and can give your Kia that flush appearance and improved handling. Just ensure your Kia SCC wheel spacers are ordered from shops offering high-quality products and expert installation advice and you will be good to go.