Honda Car Wheel Spacers

If you ever need to overhaul the appearance and functionality of your chosen Honda vehicle. One easy and economical way of achieving that is to fit your wheels with suitable Honda wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are quite popular among auto users. They are often recommended for those seeking to try out some custom wheels or larger brake kit on their Honda vehicles. These wheel spacers, otherwise known as rim spacers or tyre spacers often come in different sizes and they are either hub-centric or lug-centric. When purchasing your Honda wheel spacers, you might be offered a slip-on on or a bolt-on variant of the aforementioned types of wheel spacers. A slip-on wheel spacer is more or less a plain circular metallic disc and is used mainly for spacers less than 15 mm thickness. Larger spacers are often manufactured as bolt-on spacers. 

What are Wheel Spacers?

 Wheel spacers are special components that create a bit more space most especially in that area which lies between the wheel of a car and the wheel assembly. Spacers are installed over the wheel’s holding bracket.

Honda wheel spacers are particularly made for Honda vehicles specifically because they must properly match the bolt patterns of the wheel and tyre of the vehicle. A Honda wheel spacer will come handy if you desire to install custom wheels that are larger than the standard variant for a specific Honda vehicle.

Spacers give your vehicle a wider stance and consequently lead to a more even distribution of load across the tyres. The negative offsets obtainable when you fit your wheels with suitable Honda wheel spacers will push your wheels outward a bit, giving it a more sturdy appearance.

Are wheel spacers the same as wheel adapters?

Although both are used to create desired offsets, wheel adapters are a special type of spacers used when the bolt configuration of your target wheel does not match that of your Honda vehicle.

Are Wheel spacers safe to use?

This is a widely debated issue, the expert opinion, however, is that wheel spacers are safe to use. It is very important though, that your Honda wheel spacers are gotten from certified auto shops. You should seek adequate expert advice on installation best practices to avoid mishaps.