Hubcentric Wheel spacers

Spacers are devices mounted on the hub of a vehicle, to create the desired level of offset between the wheel and the hub assembly. Wheel spacers are of two main types; hubcentric wheelspacers and their lug-centric variant. Although both perform the same function, they are different in terms of installation, cost, and perceived level of safety.

Spacers are quite popular among those seeking to install suitable aftermarket wheels. Wheel spacers offer a fairly easy way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle giving it that desired aggressive look.

Aside from aesthetics purpose, spacers are needed for a couple of reasons;

  • A wider stance and better handling: Since the wheels are further apart, there is a more even distribution of weight across the tyres. This consequently leads to better traction and handling when turning or navigating a bend.
  • Ability to install larger wheels and brake kits: spacers create the required level of offset for a safe installation of larger wheels and brake kits.

Hubcentric wheelspacers are a variant of wheel spacers designed to ensure that the weight of the vehicle rests on the hub of the wheel. Unlike lug-centric spacers where the weight of the vehicle rests on the bolts and studs, hubcentric wheelspacers ensure that your wheels are central to the hub of your vehicle as a result, there is relatively no movement and the wheels are less prone to vibration from other parts of the car. They are designed to somewhat clone the mounting face of the hub. As such, the rear of the spacer is engineered to match the locating ring of the hub, and the hub’s locating rings are equally replicated on the front end of the spacers. With hubcentric wheelspacers, the hole at the centre of the wheel fits perfectly with the hub

The unique features of hubcentric wheelspacers make them easier to install and relatively safer to use. Hence, they are often recommended by experts.

Difference between spacers and adapters

Adapters are not the same as spacers, although they perform similar functions. Adapters are needed when the target wheel has a different bolt configuration than the standard bolt pattern of your vehicle.

Despite the aforementioned unique advantages of hubcentric wheelspacers, it is important that they are installed correctly to avoid mishaps. Consult your certified auto shop for suitable hubcentric wheelspacers for your vehicle.